Electronics and Communication Engineering
Gate - 2012

1.  In the circuit shown below, the current through the inductor is

A. (2/1+j)AB. (-1/1+j)A
C. (1/1+j)D. 0A

2.  The radiation pattern of an antenna in spherical co-ordinates is given by

F(θ)=cos4θ: 0≤ θ≤π/2
The directivity of the antenna is

A. 10dBB. 12.6dB
C. 11.5dBD. 18 dB

3.  Given f(z)=1/z+1-2/z+3. if c is a counter clock wise path in the z-plane such that |z+1|=1, the value of is
A. -2B. -1
C. 1D. 2

4.  The impedance looking into nodes 1 and 2 the given circuit is

A. 50 ΩB. 100 Ω
C. 5K ΩD. 10.1K Ω

5.  If x=√-1, then the value of xx is
A. e-x/2B. ex/2
C. xD. 1

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