Civil Engineering
Gate - 2012

1.  The Poisson's ratio is define as
A. B.
C. D.

2.  Which one of the following is categorised as a long-term loss of pre stress in a pre stressed concrete member?
A. Loss due to elastic shorteningB. Loss due to friction
C. Loss due to relaxation of strandsD. Loss due to anchorage slip

3.  The infinite series

corresponds to
A. sec xB. ex
C. cos x D. 1 + sin2x

4.  The following statements are related to bending of beams:

I The slope of the bending moment diagram is equal to the shear force.

II The slope of the shear force diagram is equal to the load intensity.

III The slope of the curvature is equal to the flexural rotation.

IV The second derivative of the deflection is equal to the curvature.

The only FALSE statement is


5.  The annual precipitation data of a city is normally distributed with mean and standard deviation as 1000 mm and 200 mm, respectively. The probability that the annual precipitation will be more than 1200 mm is
A. <50%B. 50%
C. 75%D. 100%

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